Wednesday, October 19, 2005


after i finished the last post, i decided to surf around my links. over at misocrafty i saw where she posted to google your name with the word "needs" next to it and post the top 10 things.

here we go...

Elizabeth Needs Protection

Elizabeth needs to be loved, pursued and reassured (this musta really been written about me...seriously!!!)

Elizabeth needs the indirect image of Darcy in this portrait to view the man

Elizabeth needs a nuk

Elizabeth needs to stick around, and be featured a bit more

Elizabeth needs to find something quick, and she only remembers a few
keywords related to it, she uses Omea Pro's Desktop Search functionality

Elizabeth needs to be able to express her feelings to someone she trusts (again, really about me).

Elizabeth needs to show more emotion (if you ask anyone that knows me, they would prolly say that i need to show less

Elizabeth needs to follow up with Margaret to confirm she is OK with this.

Elizabeth needs housewares, like bedding and gadgets (who can't use more gadgets?)

that was fun!! another great site is googlism. type in your name and see what happens.

here's are a few of my favorites:

elizabeth is waiting to be found

elizabeth is smart and brave

elizabeth is fine

elizabeth is mine

elizabeth is caring

elizabeth is as lucky as she is shrewd

elizabeth is a tour de force of imagination

what are your favorites about your own name???