Saturday, October 15, 2005


as we all know, i love to cook (especially bake). so when i see something i know i may wanna cook in the future on the food network, a blog, or any other website, my printer gets to work.

this doesn't sound like that bigga deal right?

well the problem takes place when i have stacks and stacks of paper all over the place. i didn't even make all the recipes i have. then the ones i do use, when i try to find them again, they are in the piles of all the other recipes.

what solution is there for this?

of course there is two problems:

1. not forgetting about some of the recipes i have and actually using them.

2. and of course storing of all them.

for #1, i have thought about really sticking to the whole making a menu thing. i would prolly do it on a sunday night and plan till the next sunday night. i could go thru some recipes and go thru what i already have on hand and plan this way. this would prolly also help if i went thru the recipes around grocery shopping time.

for #2, who knows. i have a recipe box (which really doesn't work for me) and i have two cabinets completely devoted to cookbooks and all those damn pieces of paper. i've thought about bloggin' the good ones and making links to em on my sidebar, but that may be a lot of typing.

so what do all of you cooks do about this? i feel like i am missing out on some good eats b/c i can't find the recipe or i completely forget about it.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

okay, i'm off to print out this recipe ;)

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