Tuesday, October 18, 2005


while i was over at wee wonderfuls, hillary posted some amazing toys that she found while surfing the net. on of the items she had were some lace up cards from a website called genius babies. i knew i needed to check them out. they would be perfect for bella and she can "sew" with mommy.

once i got to the site, i saw a ton of cute things. here is what i ordered:

bella's "sewing" cards

a united states bingo game for mikey

a united states map puzzle for mikey

and some candy dominoes for me that are going to turn in to some really cute crafty things.

and the best thing, is shortly after i ordered the items, i got and email saying that they were already shipped and will be here on thursday!

talk about customer service!!

1 comment:

kelly said...

We love lacing cards! Especially the ones illustrated by Dan Yaccarino... I love his style!