Friday, October 14, 2005


i forgot to mention that wednesday i got my hair cut and highlighted. i am absolutely in luv with it and every day i look in the mirror i am amazed that i have never had my hair highlighted before. this picture isn't the best. it was taken right before bed and the lighting was bad. and why is that in pictures, my nose looks HUGE in but when i look at myself in the mirror, it doesn't look that big??? does this happen to anyone else???

oh and i have to mention something funny...this a.m. while i was helping mikey get ready for school, i noticed that when he put on his shirt that he didn't tuck down his collar. i said "come here baby so i can fix your color" and he said "but i like it that way. i look like a vampire".


robin said...

ahahahaha! mikey is funny!

your hair looks beautiful. and your nose doesn't look at all big to me. i think my shoulders look big in pictures --isn't that weird?

Daph said...

Your hair looks beautiful! It really brings out your eyes. Lucky you for pulling off such a cute haircut, I sometimes wish my face wasn't so round so I could have cute hair, too, LOL! :)

I love that pic of Mikey, that's too cute. He *does* kind of look like a vampire, all he needs is the cape!

Amy L. said...

Hey my friend! I luv your new hair-do. The high-lights look awesome. I cannot beleive how much bella has grown up! Soo cute! Of course mikey looks as sweet and cute as ever! Seeing how skinny you are makes me want to start exercising! Love you girl!