Sunday, October 30, 2005


tonight for dinner, we had some yummy chili accompanied by halloween shaped pasta, cheese, and halloween shaped tortilla chips. and of course, a piece of the cake that mikey won during the cake walk.

it was pretty SPOOK-TACULAR!!!

yummy chili!!

halloween pasta. came in shapes of a spider web, a ghost/martian, & a pumpkin.

tortilla chips. shapes: ghost, pumpkin, & bats. this were really good. i got them at walmart. they have a really light and airy texture to them.

chocolate snicker cake that mikey won. i haven't had a piece yet, but mikey said it was delicious (i think its mostly b/c he won it :)

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kelly said...

Love that Halloween pasta - so cute! Sounds as if you had as crazy a time as we did! So glad to hear you'll be doing the craft fair - I'm sure it will go swimmingly, and I can't wait to hear all about the process... maybe one day I'll get up the nerve!