Monday, October 03, 2005


since mike is watching the packers game and eating the BIGGEST bowl of popcorn (and it was yummy!!) i have ever seen, i decided now was a good time to try and sum up the past week in one post so i can feel caught up!

why does that happen? why does a week fly by like that and then i feel like there is so much to post and i don't get it all???

things are starting to get a lil more back to "normal" around here which is a very good thing. i know i need to post more pictures that i have taken of biloxi, but it is such a tedious task. plus, i think that i hate looking at the pictures.

so since we know what mike is up to, lets start with the kiddos....

mikey had his first day back to school today (thank goodness) and hopefully things will start to feel normal for him again. i hate that he missed out on a month of school. especially since he just started. it was nice to see that his teacher has him down for snack day since we missed it due to the hurricane.

he has already started his christmas list, which is a lil more expensive than years past. he really wants a play station two, but i think that me and mike decided that a gameboy and access to the home computer was enough for now. i don't think a five year old needs that much technology in his life. is this just me??

he's decided this year that he wants to be a skeleton/pirate for halloween and i hope that i can find a place that has a costume to his liking. i am going to try and take him to the party supply place (if its open yet) this saturday and see if we can find him something there.

i luv that he luvs halloween as much as i do. he likes walking down the spooky aisles at the stores and seeing the scarest of things. we also start watching all the haunted shows they have on the travel channel. we luv us some halloween.

my lil bella-boo had to be picked up today from school due to a stomach bug (dear God, please make sure that no one else, and i do mean no one, in this house gets this bug!!!). she acted like her usual self after her nap though. so i hope that is a good sign.

lately she has been fun hanging out with her big bro between their two bedrooms making tents and a big mess!!

after waiting and waiting for her bangs to grow past her eyes and it never happening, i decided it was time for a trim. this was bella's first lil haircut and i was really nervous about going at it on my own. her new bang's look so cute though. she looks so much older than her lil 2 year old self.

this year for halloween, bella is going to be a "witch". i got her the cutest dress at target last week that is orange and black with spider webs on it (which will match the skirt i wore last year. the funny thing is though, when i first showed it to her, she took off running in the opposite direction, screaming and crying telling me "i ont wan to". i don't know what that's all about, but she is wearing that dress ;)

as for me, i have been busy doing much of i think i am still trying to recoup from all the work. i miss crafting like you would not believe. i have managed to get a couple of xmas scarves completed (pictures will be posted in the future).

here is a list of things that i need to do in the next week or so (note: this is mostly for my benefit):

*take a halloween pic of the kiddos and make my halloween cards

*get said cards out in the mail

*get some bills out in the mail

*find mikey a halloween costume

*decide on a date for mikey's new bday party

*make invitations

*get em in the mail

*decorate the house for halloween

*get our shit together and get a "for sale" sign in front of the house

*cross my fingers that the people already showing interest in the house will buy it

*do some more christmas shopping (online is really all i got right now folks)

*make mikey's cupcakes for school on wednesday

*call my medical insurance company

*file a buncha bills and paperwork where they belong

*add my old "bill" planner stuff to my new planner

*remember to print this list out tomorrow so i can start crossing this stuff off.

i am sure that i am forgetting something.

so that is pretty much what we have been up to. nothing too exciting. i have been surfing around and have found some great new blogs. i have also received some pretty great stuff in the mail. giao i promise that i am going to take a picture of all the goodies that you sent me one day this week. i feel bad that i have not properly thanked you yet.

so i hope that you guys have all had a wonderful september and are in areas where the leaves are already beginning to change and the weather is starting to cool off. i am jealous of the bloggers that have put away their summer clothing to bring out the sweaters. i have another month or so before i can do that.

have a wonderful week :)


Jenn said...

sounds like you are going to be very busy!!

Jessica said...

Cute pics of the kiddies! My Luke is nearing two and his is nowhere near getting a haircut! :)