Tuesday, October 04, 2005


tomorrow is mikey's bday celebration at school. so i made cupcakes to bring in with fruit punch for the festivities. these were the gummy skulls that i bought for mikey's bday party (that has not happened yet...lol). i happened to have enough for the party and for 24 cupcakes.

i spoke to mikey's teacher today and she told me that it birthdays are very important in her classroom and wanted to make sure that all the children who had bdays in the past month were celebrated as soon as possible. she also told me that the children draw a picture for the bday student of a present that they would give them if they could and put it in a bday box. i think that is one of the sweetest things i have heard a class do.

i am so glad that ms. upton feels her students bdays are important, b/c we do too!!!


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Great cupcakes!! I posted an answer to your question about my halloween tree on my blog.

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Jenn said...

those are too cute! I have got to make some halloween cupcakes!!!