Sunday, October 30, 2005


well, today the major's (the boss) church was having a halloween carnival. we decided to take the kiddos there knowing that it would be good fun. the kids got a bag (for the goodies) filled with tickets (for the games). we first grabbed some hamburgers and hotdogs and had a seat in the yard of the church and had us a lil halloween picnic.

after the picnic, the kiddos were ready to play some games. they had so much fun and won lots of great prizes. we also participated in a musical chairs version of a cake walk and mikey won a chocolate snickers cake. this is going to be for dessert. yum!!!

bella's name got called out and won a door prize. the cutest stuffed monkey. i knew she would pick that one out.

we had a wonderful time there.

entering the carnival.

captain jack sparrow (aka mikey)

lil halloween witch enjoying her lunch (which consisted of cookies and soda for her).

bella playing a game.

mikey making a great toss!

this is what happens when i try to get a good picture of michael and he makes a silly face at the last minute. didn't think i would post this pic did ya dear???? maybe you won't make silly faces anymore :)~

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