Wednesday, October 05, 2005


well, today was mikey's lil bday party at school. i brought the previously mentioned cupcakes and hawaiin punch. when i got there, the kids were in centers and i started to set eveything up. its funny, i really didn't know what i was supposed to be doing, but i poured drinks. while i was pouring drinks, mikey and his teacher sat at the same table that i was pouring drinks at and started working on writing his name (she was doing this with another student when i walked in). i pretended that i didn't notice what they were doing b/c mikey was starting to get distracted. so i started looking around at things in the room. they had these huge pads of paper where the teacher had asked the children a series of questions (what is your favorite color, what do you want to be when you grow up, & my family likes to...) and she wrote down their answers. of course i scanned for mikey's name and read his answers"

his favorite color is black.

his family likes to play on the computer (this made me laugh at loud when i read it). when his teacher had asked if this was true, i said absolutely :)

when he grows up, he wants to go in the army (its in his

so after everyone finished the last of their cupcakes and juice, i headed off to the thrift store that is right down the street. i may not have a mcdonalds that isn't more than 15 or more minutes away, but by gosh i get to have a very decent thrift store right down the street. this is usually where i can find some good books. this is what i found:

great book!!!! i already finished it (okay, so i'm posting this on sunday and i started the book on friday and finished last night). john saul is simply the best!!!

a book on omelets

more books for bella's collection.

after i picked the kiddos up from school, i noticed that i had gotten an email from crayola and they posted a great link showing that they had oodles and oodles of coloring pages. so i printed so halloween ones out and we all go to coloring.

all in all it was a pretty great day :)