Saturday, October 08, 2005


today me and the kiddos did some running around. i wanted to make an eyeball cake that i saw in an issue of nick jr. so we hit the dollar store to get some candy. even though the candy for the cake was kinda a hit and miss, i did spot some other candy that i haven't seen before

hershey's apparently has come out with a line of candy bars that have a coffee flavor to them. i haven't tried them yet, so i will keep ya posted.

after the dollar store, we hit the party supply store so we could pick up mikey's halloween costume. thank goodness they had a "jack sparrow" (pirates of the carribean) costume. i can't wait to see him dressed up.

after that we dealt with the hell of walmart where we picked up a few things along with the candy for the cake.

once we got home, we got busy making the cake.

it was pretty darn delicious. next time though, i will use chocolate frosting and be more detailed on the eyes. the kiddos didn't care though they thought it was great!!


myra said...

Eyeball cake!? Yum! :)

Daph said...

That cake looks awesome! Oh, and they have mint Kit Kats, too. Sooooooo good! :)