Saturday, October 29, 2005


today, we got up early and made a trip to mobile, alabama to do some shopping. i got some new shoes (i swear i'm an addict), i hit joanns, we ate at olive garden (since ours is nothing but a parking lot and a slab), walked around the mall, hit a coffee shop to buy some goodies (see below), and then hit the mack daddy of all discount retail stores....TARGET!!!

i luv target and the closest one is in mobile which is about a 30+ drive. my main reason for going to target was to see their new line of chocolates called choxie. i have been seeing commercials for them and i have been dying to get my hands on them.

below is a few of the other goodies we got there.

choxie i really need all this chocolate? the answer is YES!!

rosemary olive oil chips made by archer farms (target brand). i got addicted to these chips when i was in knoxville for mike's graduation and the past few times that we have gone to target, they were out! i bought three bags :)

italian soda...again by archer farms and is very delicious. mike opened up the lemon one and it tasted like mike's hard lemonade (minus the alcohol of corse...drats!)

finally found the fresca black cherry. lemme tell ya, i think this tastes delish. like some fruity candy. very good!!

these are the goodies that i got at the coffee shop. i also got two other things, but they are for my girl greta and she will have to wait till monday to get em. so girl, if you're reading, do NOT call me and ask what it is.

i cannot wait to brew a cup of the pumpkin spice coffee tomorrow morning.

we had a wonderful day today. filled with good food and good shopping. while we were out and about, we decided to take the kiddos to toys r us to let them them use some gift cards they received (again, another location that is currently closed right now). i also found a few old cards, that i thought possibly had balances on it. boy where the kids lucky. between 3 cards there was a enough for them to each get $30 of goodies (and believe me, this helped with the "i wants" throughout the day). bella racked up on some cinderella stuff and mikey got some more army stuff. the best part though is, when we first got in the store, i saw they had some lil event going on. one of the employees asked if we wanted to go on a lil scavenger hunt and when we found everything, to report back to them and get a goodie bag. of course we were game. the kids had fun reading the clues and finding the location. they also loved everything in their goodie bags.

gotta luv the free events at toys r us!!!

the clues

bella makes a new friend.

on a completely different note, things are coming along okay with the art/craft fair. i would like to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement. this week has been a hectic one filled with exhaustion on my part (we're talking about being in bed reading at 830 and asleep at 930). i am so glad that mike is finally working a more decent schedule to help out with some things around here. i am beginning to feel the pressure. what if i don't get everything made in time that i want to get done? i think i'll be okay though. i got a few scarves done and some zippered pouches. i know i will have the energy (fingers crossed) to get a lot done this week.

wish me luck :)

note: i forgot to add that next weekend, targets are supposed to be giving out samples of their new choxie line. i had one of the chococate peppermint sticks shown.....can you say yum!!! and they are huge :)

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Jenn said...

I haven't heard about the chocolates...I have a target right down the road...I love it!!
sounds like a wonderful day!!