Sunday, January 16, 2005


my foot with greta's two feet in our spiffy rental bowling shoes!

greta going for a strike!

the end of our warm up game! aren't we the greatest bowlers?

on january 3rd, greta, melissa, jody, and myself decided to take advantage of our last day of holiday vacation and we hit the bowling lanes. i haven't bowled in forever and we had the best time! we weren't the greatest bowlers there (i would have to give the "over 55 league" that was down at the other end that honor) but i don't think we were two shabby.

i didn't get my first strike until the last game and then i got two in a row. greta jinxed me by telling me that something cool would come up on the screen if i got three in a row. that was just too much pressure and i ended up getting a gutter ball. oh well!

we are going again this monday and i cannot wait!

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