Wednesday, January 19, 2005


.....and your fucking checks!!

listen to this...i noticed that i was already half way through my last book of checks (why i wait till the last minute is beyond me) so going through the sunday coupons, i noticed one of the gazillion check company ads in the paper. it was a good deal for first time customers and i was a first time customer of theirs. so i decided to order some checks and use the nifty coupon code that they provided in the ad.

i ordered my three boxes of checks, entered in my coupon code, and was very satisified with a price of $16.xx before shipping. my coupon code was excepted and i moved on to enter in my credit card information. after that, my total had now jumped up to $40.xx before shipping. i thought that maybe the coupon code didn't show up on that page. so i decided to print out the previous page and that page with the new amount and wait to see what they took out of my account. so a few days go by and i get a confirmation email that says they recd. my order and it will be here in 10 biz days, blah blah blah.

well, as of today, nothing had been taken out of my checking acct. and the checks had been shipped. so i decided to take a minute (make that 30 minutes) out of my day at work and give them a call to make sure they are only charging me the $16 +shipping.

well, phyllis answers the phone and after i proceed to tell her the story, she informs me that she is sorry but you can't use the coupon code that is on the ad for internet purchases. that code is only good if you clip out the order form and mail it in. wtf?!?!?!? so while she proceeds to tell me this bullshit, i read over the ad and no where on it does it say that the code can only be used for mail in purchases. she then tells me that when i pulled up the website there was blinking yellow 99 cent thing at the top of the page and i should have clicked on that. i told her why would i click on that when the deal in the paper was the same thing and i had a coupon code. i tell her that i want to only be charged the $16.xx bucks that i was quoted when the coupon code was accepted. she puts me on hold.

she comes back and tells me that her supervisor is willing to rebate me $19.xx. well, if you subtract $16.xx from $40.xx you don't get no $19.xx. i told her that i wanted to talk to her supervisor. she puts me on hold.

she comes back to tell me that she is sorry, her super is on the phone and blah blah blah. well, while i was on hold that second time, i was rereading the ad and noticed that it had said that when you order three boxes of checks, you are supposed to get a fourth both free. so when phyllis decided to come back, i asked her if i was shipped four boxes or three. she proceeded to tell me only three b/c that is what i ordered on the net. i then asked her if i was getting a rebate would that be credited to my acct. or what. she said i would get a check in the mail. okay, i will hold my breath and hope that i get a check in the next three or so months right. so then she proceeded to argue with me again about the paper coupon code and the computer code. so i got to the point that i said "i don't want to talk to you anymore, i want to talk to your supervisor". she then said....hold on to your horses girls, you are not going to believe this...she says "that's fine, i'm due to get off work now anyway!". can you believe this bitch?!?!?!

so finally the supervisor gets on the phone and i tell her the story and she tells me that she will refund me the full amount on my credit card and i am getting the fourth box of checks.

i then told her that i wanted the name and addy for the customer service supervisor so i could write a letter to them and tell them about my experience.

the funny thing is when i got home, two of the boxes i ordered were in my mailbox.

so needless to say, i won't order from them ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again!

sorry for the rant!


KB said...

That was funny! Yah I have had a similar experience when ordering one of those stampers that has your address printed on it. It was supposed to be like $9. with the coupn and of course same scenario, they charge me $19. Blah blah blah ;)
Annoying those companies with all their crazy coupons and shit!

Daph said...

Oh, hell no she di'int! I will march myself down there and kick her in the shins for you, dumb dumb lady!

I wanted to order those checks once, but then my bank told me that if I write them out my bank will charge me $1.50 per check to clear them. That way my bank has a monopoly on the checks that I can buy. Bastards.