Sunday, January 16, 2005


here is a pic of the rings that i made using the ring forms that i recd. from art chix studio and some vintage buttons that i picked up at a thrift store.

i absolutely love these rings and have practically worn one everyday since i have made them. i placed an order for two pkgs. of rings which gives me 30. i feel that i better order some more b/c there are a ton of ideas that i have for more rings.

note: the hot pink one with the black around the edge was actually an earring that came in the bag with the buttons i recd. and i just gave myself a good cut with the xacto knife i used to take the earring part off.


Daph said...

So cute! Gotta go check out that website!

elizabeth said...

thanks daphne! i am so glad that i found that lil site! she has some great stuff there. i will definetely be placing future orders :)