Tuesday, January 18, 2005


yesterday, greta, melissa, jody and myself went bowling. we bowled for four hours straight and did not want to leave...lol. we had so much fun. we decided that we are going to do midnight bowling a couple times a month. we also decided that we wanted to get our own bowling shoes (can ya blame us, i couldn't even think about the germies that were touching my feet), ball, and shirts.

yes, we are dorks! but we are going to be cute dorks. if only i can find a bowling ball that is white with card suits on it (hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs).

today was an extremely busy day at work followed by a busy night of bill paying, feeding the kids, and yelling at them. i am trying to remain calm being the only one here, but damn! i need a lil rest. and you would think that maybe i would get some rest on the weekends, but bella thinks its necessary to wake up screaming at 645 in the a.m. on saturday and sunday.

anywho, enough bitchin' and complain'. i just wanted to make a post so no one thought i was going back down the "don't post for three weeks" road.

so how was ya'lls day?


KB said...

GLAD you're back! That has got to be tough runnin the house all by yourself. How long will Mike be gone exactly? Hang in there sista!

foodiechickie said...

Ooooh Midnight Bowling. Love it!
Good luck while the hubby is away:)

elizabeth said...

i have to wait until march! time is going by soooo slow it seems! thats prolly why i have tried to get more crafty. this weekend i don't think that i will get much done, i have a conference to attend, but i would like to start doing some stuff with all the totes of fabric that i have laying around.

any ideas?