Thursday, January 06, 2005


well, i as most of you who check me out on a regular basis know, my blog seemed to have disappeared (the template was gone, therefore nothing was showing up). i contacted blogger twice, and i am guess with the holidays and such, they haven't had a chance to contact me back.

so i just went ahead and decided to get a new template and voila! the posts are now showing up. over the next few days, i will add my links (you know, the links to you guys ;) and i think i am even going to try and change it up a bit. i would like to add a shopping section so you guys can see where all my money goes.

i would like to thank those that contacted me other ways to let me know they were having problems seeing what i was up to! thanks!

so hopefully, once i got everything back and running the way i want it to, i am going to make a buncha posts on what i have been up to the past week (and this will include some pics, and a couple of new craft projects)

i am so glad to be back. just wish i would have thought of this sooner ;)


KB said...

I'm so glad you are back in action Elizabeth, we missed you.

jo said...

Yeah, your back! You were missed by all:)

Daph said...

Thank god you're back! I would continue to click furiously on the shortcut I have to you on my desktop, and yell obscene things at blogger when a blank shell of your blog would pop up. Hallelujah!!

Anonymous said...

Your gifty package has been sent! I was going to wait and email you about it bc i took pictures of the wrapped box before i sent it but the pictures aren't as pretty as it looks in real life so you just have to wait ;) lol i know you are going to be very happy with it though, it's sent priority mail, so look for it to be arriving soon
<3 Pam (Your Gifty2 Gal)

foodiechickie said...

Glad to see you are back. Enjoying the new template!