Sunday, January 30, 2005


well, i have recd. the fabric that i ordered from virginia quilter and i am in love with them. if you forgot, the "how to get married fabric" is what i had ordered in november from another company who never shipped out my order or contacted me back after two phone calls and one email. this was melissa's christmas present. anywho, i found this company and my order was speedy.

i love all the fabrics that they have on their site and highly recommend them.

i have already cut the pieces out to make the purse, i just need to sit down and sew it all together. eventually it will get made. maybe in time for this christmas :)

this is some fabric that i bought while we were in minoqua, wi last summer (boy i loved that trip and think about it all the time!) i haven't decided what i am going to do with it yet. i know it would make a great apron, but i have never made one of those. so it currently sits in one of the many totes that i have filled with fabric. i prolly outta start trading some of it, but i don't know if i can bear to part with any of it.

was that the correct spelling of "bear"? it doesn't look right and i cannot come up with any other version that i think is correct. oh well. how am i supposed to think with the kids running around and getting in to everything with an occasional scream?


Leslie said...

Those fabrics are so fun. I especially like the map one. I'll have to check out that site.

And it looks like you've got a bunch of crafty goodness going on right now! How fun. :)

elizabeth said...

leslie, i love the map one too! the colors are so italian but i love the whole kitschy-diner theme too!

KB said...

Those are some great fabrics, good luck with the purse and don't forget to post a picture.

Daph said...

Oh, that fabric is AWESOME!! I am so jealous and I totally WANT SOME, although (and you've SEEN MY STASH) I think I'm grounded from buying fabric until I deplete my stash a little bit, LOL.

P.S. Yes, that was the correct spelling of "bear", unless you meant to type "bare", meaning NEKKID, lol!! :)

foodiechickie said...

Ooooh I have something so similar to that bistro fabric you have.

elizabeth said...

daphne, i am so glad that i spelled bear right! those type of things drive me nutty!!!

i outta send some of my fabric stash your way and have you dazzle me with your sewing expertise! i can't even sew a straight line. i so envy you!