Sunday, January 16, 2005


new year's eve was nice...well that is up until midnight, but i will get to that in a minute. we watched the foodnetwork all weekend long, and i was itching to make me and mike something a lil fancy for us to ring in the new year.

so after we put the kiddos to bed, i made mushroom stuffed tortillini with proscuitto/alfredo sauce. we also had a salad. it was very good and for dessert, i made brownies sundae with vanilla icecream and caramel/slivered almond sauce .

mike then fell asleep in the chair while i worked on a second glass of wine (note: i am a cheap date, half a beer and i am already buzzing, so i was feeling pretty okay on the second glass of wine cept i was starting to feel a lil upset in the tummy which i assumed came from the wine).

i woke mike up and told him to come in bed. i had originally hoped that we would ring in the new year right ;) but i was really starting to feel crappy.

then it happened. i looked at the clock and it was about a minute or so from midnight...then i ran as fast as i could into the bathroom. i rang in the new year with my head in the toilet throwing my guts up. this went on all night.

was i worried that it was something i ate? nah, b/c mike and mikey had just gotten over the same thing. but lemme go on and tell ya, i don't wish it on anyone.

i then spent all of new years day in bed watching the first season of the golden girls on dvd. we are talking 25 episodes, about 12 hours. i didn't come out of my bedroom until about 8 pm.

so that is new year's eve. i can't think of what we ate, hell i can't believe i am able to even post it. hopefully i will have the urge to eat stuff like that again, b/c i sure do love rosette al forno, but i don't know. i better end this now before its too late ;)

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