Wednesday, January 19, 2005


over on glitter there is a food confessions thread. knittykat posted her love of dunkin donuts...gee...i thought i was the only one. i love dunkin donuts. i want to open up a local franchise to the lack of dunkin donuts in our area.

when i was pregnant with bella, i craved them. my mom had my aunt in cincinnati send down my favorites. a box of chocolate and blueberry donuts. i was in heaven (cept i had to share them). yum, they were so good!

when my mom had friends visit from cincinnati, they brought down two, yes i said two, boxes of 48 donut holes. if you have never had a dunkin donuts donut hole you are missing out on the reason for living.

when we go out of town, i look for them and have to stop by.

i even devoted two scrapbooking pages to the donuts that were sent down here during my pregnancy (look how huge i was. i was only 7 1/2 months there....damn!)

the worse part is that due to having satellite, we get new york's abc/nbc channels. they have dunkin donuts commercials on ALL the time!

oh the horror!

note: the first time i typed all this, there was a problem when i posted it. so the second go around isn't as funny as the first. sorry :)


KB said...

Oh that is cute! You do a great job with scrapbooking.

I am so annoyed I left you this good comment on the post before about the checks, and it's not there. Arghh

I don't have time to rewrite the whole thing, maybe it will show up later.


elizabeth said...

kb...that musta been around the same time that i was making my sassy lil post about the donuts and it didn't show up.

thanks for the comment about my scrapbooking pages. one of these days i am going to scan the rest of em and post em on here.

i haven't done it in ages. the kids will be in college before i know it, so i better start finding some time :)