Wednesday, January 19, 2005


i had ordered some fabric from punch drunk dames on november 27th for a purse i was going to make melissa for christmas. guess what, it is now january 19th and i still have not recd. it. not only that, i have contacted the company on three different occasions and have yet to hear a response. well i certainly hope that money is not taken out of my account or i am going to be one angry lady!

if that isn't bad enough, i felt like a complete ass telling melissa that her present has arrived yet everytime i saw her. so i decided that i would at least give her a partial present and when i got the fabric in (i ordered it from the virgina quilter i would make the purse and give it to her.

so i gave her a scrabble tile bracelet, a ring, and the below scarf. of course she loved it and of course she didn't care that things were a lil late. i did however explain that i had to reorder from somewhere else.

here lately, some businesses have been pissing me off (see next post).

melissa's christmas scarf

note: yes, that is part of my messy craft area you see in the background ;)

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