Sunday, January 16, 2005

RUMMY 21!!!

one of our (by our i mean: myself, mike, greta, melissa, peggy (greta's mom), and her friend) favorite boards games is rummy 21. this game is so addictive and me and greta play all the time.

a few weekends ago, me and mike played and i made rummy 21 history (amoung our group) and made a run with every number possible. it was quite a feat!!!

trust me, if you are into board games, this is a must have. it is a combination of rummy and rummikub.

quite fun!


pretendingsanity said...

Hey, I'm glad you saved your archives!

Daph said...

OOhhhh! We love playing Rummy the card game. That looks like fun! I've been telling Bryan we need to get some more board games, so I'm thinking we'll add this to the list.

elizabeth said...

i am a board game junkie!!! i love playing games. mike often rolls his eyes when i saw "hey wanna play...?" but don't let that fool ya. he likes it just as much as me. the only bad thing is i am a sore winner and a sore loser.

its been a long time since we have played monopoly and i really don't wanna tell ya why ;)

ornella said...

hi! my name is Ornella. How R U?
I wonder if u could explain to me how to play the game rummy 21... i got it but i lost the instructions and cant find any website for it.