Sunday, January 30, 2005


sorry, but things are really hectic over here. but don't worry, you haven't been the only thing i have neglected blog, there are piles of laundry sitting on my couch waiting to be put away and a sink full of dishes longing to be washed.

aside from sitting and sleeping when i get a free minute, i have been busy doing the following things. allison is hosting a knit-a-long that i signed up for. despite the fact that my "squares" are a lil off and they are done in a simple knit stitch, i don't think they turned out half bad. i made lil pins to put on them as an extra and to not make them too bland. of course, the new owners can take the pin off and wear it on their shirt/purse/whatever.

i also knit sharon a scarf. i ran out of yarn therefore there is no fringe. i am trying to decide if i want to get more to do a fringe or if i like it better without.

i've also been busy getting pkgs. together for a candy swap that i am in and a valentine swap. once i know that my partners have recd. their pkgs., i will post pictures of the goodies i have made.

so that is pretty much what has been going on over here. not much. i just cannot wait for mike to come home. i feel lost without him. i told him earlier that it feels like he just vanished. POOF!

i miss you baby!


KB said...

Glad you're back I must have clicked on cute little wolfgang mikey a dozen or more times thinking where's elizabeth?

Your scarf and scarf squares look great, I like the pin addition as well. I finally start my knitting class in 2 weeks, Yay!

elizabeth said...

thanks kb!!! i am so excited that you are learning to knit. you are going to love it.

please post pics on your site of your first project!!

Anonymous said...

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