Sunday, January 16, 2005


i decided that one of my new year's resolutions for 2005 was going to be to shed some weight. now i don't mean, say i am going to lose weight and stick to a plan for about a week and then give up.

i mean really changing my eating habits and make the weight come off for good. i have to give myself a pat on the back b/c i have been doing so good and have lost 8lbs. since the 1st.

the only thing that i am really doing is:

-eating smaller portions
-drinking a lot more water
-making my food choices wise
-if i crave something, i eat it (in small portions)
-bought a new taebo dvd (note: i did the dvd once. it kicked my ass so hard, i don't know what hit me. but i haven't done it since b/c some where down the road, i have done something to my knee and doing the tape i think aggravated it a bit. so i am giving it a few days and i am going to try it again).
-have eaten out less

i am trying to see how much weight i can lose (and keep off) until march 19th. i keep ya'll updated on my progress and i will post various tips i am using.

here is my first installment of tips:

-eating sara lee's 100% multi-grain bread
-freezing fun sized milky ways (they take longer to eat)
-adding lemon to my water
-drinking my water icecold
-brining a 64 oz. bucket/jug of water to work
-eating more homemade chinese food

pumpkin fluff

1 can of pumpkin
1 pkg. of fat free/sugar free vanilla pudding
about 1 1/2-2 cups. of fat free coolwhip
pumpkin pie spice

mix. can of pumpkin and pudding with an electric mixer. add pumpkin pie spice and mix till blended. fold in coolwhip. voila! a pumpkin mousse! very, very good!

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