Thursday, January 20, 2005


i have been feeling really bad the past two weeks. things have been so hectic once me and the kids get home our evening pretty much goes like this: walk in the door, fix dinner, watch cartoons while we eat (good parenting eh?), take showers/baths, go to bed.

there is hardly any time in there for anything fun. so today while i was at work, i decided to let mikey plan what we were going to eat for dinner and he was going to cook it (with my supervision of course).

so i called him while he was still at my mom's and told him the plan. he was excited. once i picked them up, i asked him what he decided. he said pizza. well, we had pizza the night before and despite my love for it, i wasn't in the mood. so i kinda hinted toward breakfast burritos and he was game.

so he got to crack open the eggs, cook them, and help emsemble the burritos. we also decided that we were going to have apples with them (yeah, a fruit that mikey likes). so while we waited for the burritos in the oven, we munched on some apples in the kitchen.

finally they were finished. when we were eating them. i told mikey the burritos were very good. he said thanks, which i thought was cute. but the cutest part was when he took his first bite. he closed his eyes. shook his head back and forth really slowly and said "mmmmmmm, these are good" "i make good burritos".

here's isabella while we were in the kitchen. notice she is not holding her cup. she is just using her teeth to keep it in her mouth. she constantly does this. i think she likes the idea of being able to still hold/do something while her thirst is being quenched. i prolly shouldn't let her do that. i may be paying a dentist big money one day for that.


foodiechickie said...

That is great you let your son cook. It's great for both of you. You got a little chef on your hands:)

Daph said...

Mmmm, those scrambled eggs DO look good, lol! That's so cute. You have adorable kids, they both have such pretty eyes!

KB said...

Mikey is a handsome little guy, but Bella wow she is a true beauty through and through! :)

Anonymous said...

I've only been gone going on three weeks and I am missing you guys tremendously! Babe, I miss you so much and I wish I could see you every day. After talking to mikey tonight I think he is really starting to miss daddy, so is bella. I so wish i could be there to play with the kids I love you!


thesoulofhope said...

Cute photos!!