Wednesday, January 19, 2005


maybe i have been letting mikey watch too much hunter lately! earlier when i was posting about the damn checks, he says "mom, why don't you be mccall and i'll be hunter". i said "okay baby". he said "no, call me hunter". i said "okay hunter". so he traced his hand and said "mccall, do you know about this hand?" (or something to that effect). i said "no hunter". the phone rang a few minutes later and i said in all my laziness "mikey get the phone for me" and he said "no i'm hunter".

and just now, he called "mccall" again. and everytime i call him "bug" (his nickname) i am corrected that he is "hunter".

i guess there's nothing too wrong with my son thinking he is a smart ass cop huh? i mean his daddy's one.....JUST KIDDING BABY!!!!

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