Sunday, February 26, 2006


thats right folks, 28 years ago today i was born. (almost exactly this minute too...5:25 eastern time).

i've had a glorious yet busy birthday weekend.

friday, a group of us from work (and greta) went to a great pizza place for lunch. i then left work early and me and greta did a lil shopping. went and picked up the kiddos and headed back to greta's for dinner and a lil veronica mars.

saturday, mike got mikey registered for tball and then we dropped the kiddos off at my mom's and me and mike did a lil lunch and some shopping. despite the horrific rain, we had fun. we went to the antique store, lunch at bayview gourmet where i had an excellent shrimp remoloude (sp?) salad, the whole foods store where the cashier is the art teacher who bought this from me and whom i purchased a ton of yummy stuff (including some lavendar which will make its way into some cupcakes in the next upcoming days), we went to a coffee shop for coffee and cake, michael's, sams, hobby lobby and then we headed back to mom's to pick up her and the kiddos and head to the blow fly inn where i had yummy stuffed crab shells. we then went to mom's for presents and cake.

today, i kinda got up in a mood. a really shitty mood to be exact and i'm not sure why. mike made his ubber-delicious pancakes and sausage (veggie sausage for me) for breakfast. and then i guess due to the mood, i've spent all day on the couch watching trash tv. mike and the kiddos gave me some wonderful goodies.

i've had some wonderful birthday phone call wishes from:

*my mom
*my friend michele
*my boss
*my buddy tom from work

i've also received a wonderful email from my cousin amy and a cute ecard from jennifer and my mom.

its been a great birthday weekend. here's the booty (this also includes the stuff that i bought myself on saturday...happy birthday to me):

from mike's dad:
* a bday card with some moo-la

from mikey's grandparents:
*a bday card with moo-la

from mom:

*great vintage "time life books" italian cookbook from 1968
*roseanne season 2 on dvd
*a candle that smells like birthday cake (not pictured)
*scrapbook stickers
*dinner of course

from greta:

*a basket filled with all sorts of yummy bath products from victoria secrets

from the kiddos:

*murder she wrote season 2 on dvd
*carmella soprano cookbook and entertaining book

from the hubbers:

*murder she wrote season 3 on dvd (not yet released)
*"potty training in one week"
*the dr. mcdreamy shirt

from myself:

*a buncha cupcake decorating accessories: some cupcake papers, icing tips and bags
*a yummy dark chocolate, cherry, almond candy bar (whole foods place)
*lavendar flowers (whole foods place)
*sandlewood bar of soap (whole foods place)
*cherry pie larabars (whole foods place)
*crystalized ginger (soon to makes its way into some cookies or cupcakes)
*black and white cookie (from coffee place)
*pottery barn decorating book (love, love, love this book...from sams)

great stuff huh?

tomorrow i go to work. i'll have to break it to the boss that i need to leave around lunch for the day. mikey has a mardi gras parade. then on tuesday i am off of work (poor mike has to work with everyone else on the department for a 12 hour shift). i intend on spending the day finishing up picking up the goodies for my vintage shop, making some cupcakes, maybe some beignets, and spending the day with the kiddos.

the rest of the week, who knows. i'm am going to try to be better about bloggin'. i've been so outta it this week as far as bloggin' goes. i don't know whats with me. i've also been bad about reading and leaving comments. this week should be better though.

hope ya'll had a great weekend!



Pink Rocket said...


vintage lilac said...

Happy Birthday!!

I plan on sending you a little something extra in your swap box. ;-)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Happy birthday you young thing!

On a completely random topic have you seen the Fisher Price "My Friend Mikey" dolls? Might be cute for Mikey to have a boy doll buddy with the same name as him (and oddly, the doll looks quite similar).

Check out eBay if you're interested!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you got quite a haul! Can't wait to see your lavender cupcakes - they sound decadent.

shim + sons said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!

joy madison said...

look at all the loot!!! Sweet! I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday Elizabeth!

deb said...

happy happy happiest of birthdays!! Glad you were so spoiled! :)

beki said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a pretty good weekend. You really racked up, girl!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday!

April said...

how did i not know it was your birthday?

am i retarded or something?!?



Greta said...

Girl because I am a good friend like that...I knew it was your birthday on the 26th but I was thinking the 26th was a Monday...NOW see what happens when you don't work you don't study what day or date it is...


pretendingsanity said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope it was great

julia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry I missed it!

You got some seriously good stuff, there, woman!

And I'm sorry for your mood. Me, too.

Hope you feel better.

my house is cuter than yours said...

Happy Birthday! you really racked up!!!