Sunday, February 19, 2006


i really haven't posted anything of great significance since last week. boy do i have some catching up to do. i will try to make this as painless (and short) as possible.


mikey & his teacher during the presentation

mikey had a ceremony at school to celebrate the 100th day of school. the kids had to create a project on a poster board with 100 items. we chose puzzle pieces. each child got to talk a lil bit about their project. mikey was pretty shy (takes after his mother). afterwards, they got on stage, did a lil reading, singing, and dancing for us. after that we headed back to their classroom and had pizza and all sorts of yummies. we decided to check mikey outta school for the rest of the day (against my better judgement) and did a few errands.


on sunday we headed to mom's for dinner and to visit with my cousin amy. wanna know whats so friggin' special about amy? she was put up for adoption by one of my aunts after she was born (my mom was a young and didn't even know that her older sister was pregnant). my mom didn't find out about amy until a couple of years ago. my mom spent a lot of time looking for her and finally she found her. my mom found out that amy too was interested in meeting someone from her birth mother's family and the two talked on the phone. her and my mom have been close ever since. amy came and visited us two summer's ago for the first time and she is friggin' awesome. i was excited about getting to see her again. i wish that she lived closer so we could hang out some more (she's in ohio).

amy, if you're reading...smooches!


ahh...valentine's day. i *love* valentine's day. guess i'm just a big ol sap who loves love. anywho, mike sent me the most beautiful flowers at work. i then got home and was spoiled senseless with some games and the two bridgette jone's movies. i thought it was my bday. as usual he out did himself. luv ya babe!


my gifty package arrived from megan! it was filled with all sorts of fabulous goodies. can't wait to use the stickers and cook something from the cookbook.

i also got these fabulous goodies in the mail. needless to say, i had a major make out session with dr. mcdreamy (hopefully i didn't drool on the dvd case in the process). the post secret book is so good. i've already looked at all the postcards. i think a lot of them are heartbreaking. i mean i know we all have our secrets, but some people'!


greta and her family came over. we had dinner (grilled turkey burgers, french fries, and salad) and watched veronica mars. the kids had a blast playing with each other and running amock. can't wait for the next disk to come in the mail so me and greta can get caught up and sit around and wait for season 2 to come out on dvd.


then there's today. oh what i day i had today. me and mikey did a major overhaul of his bedroom. how can a six year old accumulate so much shit and never wanna throw anything away? well i guess he takes after his parents so i shouldn't blame him. but i do. i mean why can't he play with something and then put it away when he's done?? anywho, 3 bags of garbage and 2 bags of donated stuff later, his room is clean. not finished quite yet, but clean. believe you me, he's not taking half of that shit with him to the new house.

greta came up with a good idea the other day at lunch. she is going to have her friend's and family members give her kiddos money instead of toys, etc. for bdays, christmas, etc. that can go in her kiddos' college funds. she is going to use that program (forgot the name of it) where you can pay for your child's college today with today's prices.

i think this is a fabulous idea, and i am going to be passing the word on to our family and friends who ask what the kids want.

anyway, so that has been my past week. of course this is minus all the laundry, pto meetings, bill paying, craft supply organization, trips to the post office, trips to walmart, etc.

been a busy, busy week. what am i talking about...been a busy, busy month!

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. i do plan on posting more this week then i did the past. that's for sure.


Greta said...

Amy is such a cute glad your mom found her...MPACT sista is the name of that way yo have it for future reference...hehehe...oh how i can't wait for the next VM to come...damn mailman don't he know we have priorities on the weekends...HMPH!!

Jennifer said...

Gosh, Girl! You've been busy! Great mail. Oh, and I love Mikey's project. I tried to ask my hubby what project he would do with a 100 of something, but he didn't quite get it. Neat story re your cousin - glad your family was able to reconnect with her!