Tuesday, February 21, 2006


okay, so the past couple of days, all i've wanted to do is bake. bake like mad i tell ya. i've also been into all the food blogs out there (esp. the cupcake, sweets, and dessert blogs...yum!).

now some of you may be thinking "hey, i thought she was trying to lose weight?". well, i am. i bake for therapy (i know i've mentioned it before). now don't get me wrong, since i am my own worse critic, i do have to try a lil piece before anyone else can. if i don't think its delish, no one gets to eat it.

so anyway, i picked up these bags of hershey chocolate chips at walmart the other day and have been dying to try them.

the bag of morsels

they are so elegant looking. they have a lil dark chocolate swirl on top and a pretty pink raspberry center.

cookies in the making.

in the oven they go. i'm glad that i decided to go with a nice big sized cookie.

cookies cooling. they look delish. hope the guys at work scarf em down like they did the cupcakes.


Jennifer said...

Yum! I'm totally into baking therapy, too. Those baking chips look divine.

julia said...

I just gained 10 lbs. LOOKING at these cookies. I think that these should go in the flickr group, "Food Porn." But you have to add an inset to show that the chunks have a filling. That is just too decadent. YUMMMMM.