Thursday, February 09, 2006


don't forget to shoot me and email and sign up for the vintage vixen swap. click the button to get all the info .

so far, these are the vixens i have signed up:


and myself.

c'mon all you thrifty-vintage-vixens out there. sign ups until feb. 14th.

i've also made a button on my sidebar for all of ya'll to steal if you'd like :)


pretendingsanity said...

I'm not really a vintage vixen, I just had to say that I love that font!

Chrissie Grace said...

i'll try it!
I read your blog everyday and I do love vintage thrift...
count me in

Chrissie Grace

Amanda said...

Count me in! I will send you an email as well! How fun.

julia / tickytacky said...

Thanks for the heads up! But I am going to do my prospective partner a favor and not sign up ... I know three people still waiting from stuff from me, and I'm a big flake. It's good to know your limitations. ;-)

joy madison said...

oh man! I am so full of swaps right now, I can't add another one....please do another one soon! I'd love to participate!