Sunday, February 05, 2006


this will be why i am not going to have a good weigh in this coming tuesday. can you say yummy, yummy, yum?!?! i am addicted to this place. i am constantly wanting to go there for lunch and splurge for the four of us to eat here at dinner. the bbq is to.die.for. so is the baked beans and cole slaw.

my stomach's growling just looking at it.

and for some cupcake love. since i knew that i was going to greta's on saturday and i was itching to make some zodiac cupcakes outta my cupcake book mike bought me last year for my bday, i knew now was as good a time as any. the two signs is gemini (greta) and aries (oneil). i also made some valentine's day cupcakes for the kiddos.

unfortunately, i still haven't made any pisces cupcakes :(

stay tuned sometime this week for a post about my addiction to sprinkles and the like.


Jennifer said...

I'll be waiting for those Pisces cupcakes!

Greta said...

Those cupcakes were to DIE for and so cute.....