Tuesday, February 28, 2006


well today is mardi gras folks!!! and b/c mardi gras is such a big deal down here, we are off of work (well i'm off of work. all police officers have to work on mardi gras day so mike is there fingerprinting an assload of prisoners i am sure. but hey, at least he gets to stay at the station, he could be on the parade route..yuck!).

anyway, my mardi gras has been spent doing laundry, baking cupcakes, getting dinner started for tomorrow and thursday night, cleaning out my closet (getting rid of all those "too big" clothes...whooo-haaaa!), and yelling at my kiddos :)

yesterday i left work early to go to mikey's mardi gras parade. my mom met me at my house and then we headed to the school. the kids were so cute. they were all grouped by class and walked around the parking lot parade fashion while the local middle school marching band played some good ol mardi gras music.

i leave you with this:

the parade's about to start.

mardi gras cupcakes...yum!!! notice the "fancy" swirl with icing. i knew those tips i bought myself would be used in no time :)


beki said...

Hally Mardi Gras to you too! I spend a quiet day at home while my family went out to enjoy the parades.

Those cupcakes sure look good!

Greta said...

dammit girl bring some of those cupcakes to work tomorrow and stuff one in an interoffice envelope..hehehe


V said...

I want one of those cupcakes too!!!

Jennifer said...

Love the cupcakes! Happy Fat Tuesday!

Daph said...

I love the face mask, that's just too cute! Your cupcakes put mine to shame, woman. You have more talent in your little pinky that I could ever dream of! :)

Candice said...

That's like here (your husbands schedule) my husband ( A firefighter) is not allowed to leave the city during memorial day weekend because they have DERBY DAYS. Ugh.