Thursday, February 02, 2006


today, greta picked me up from work and we headed over to the best little restaurant in ocean springs called the bayview gourmet. i love the whole atmosphere of this place. all their stuff is pretty much good for ya (veggie burgers, salads, fish, sweet potato fries) and so friggin good.

i had this delish nut crusted grouper over a bed of salad greens, blk. olives, tomatoes, red onions, and a lemon vinegarette dressing.

oh to die for.

on the way back from lunch, we were chatting away and were behind a big ol dump truck. then we noticed something hanging from the back.

a telephone was dangling from the back of the truck. me and greta were rolling.

greta had also completed my part of our intial swap (for those of you clueless about this, i decided to pop greta's swapping cherry by coming up with our first swap. it was an initial swap. meaning, that i bought greta things that had a "g" on it and she got me "e" things..sound like fun? it was) and i dug into the bag the minute i hit my office.

a handmade bookmark which is currently residing on my desk at work.

look at all this "e" lovliness!!! the best thing is that "e" cookie cutter. can't wait to make some cookies with that.

so this then got me thinking. what's our next swap going to be. i thought of a couple of things and thought "why not make this a once a month thing?". i think of six themes, she thinks of six, we have a month to do each one and voila!!

a swappy year.

i already have my six picked out, so as soon as greta gets hers figured out, i'll post a lil more details on this :)

and thanks for all the "hope tomorrow is a better day for ya" comments.

i have just been in a complete state of blah and would love a one or two day vacation with just me. an opportunity to clear my end and get some much needed rest.


V said...

OMG!! I love what she did for you!! That is such a cool idea for the 2 of you! I can't wait to hear what you 2 do!!

That phone is hilarious!! LOL!!

Lunch sounds delish except for the blk olives...eeek!

Here is another "feel better" hug for you, you can never have too many right?!?


Anonymous said...

i would have died laughing at that phone too!!!!
and those E's are awesome,
as a fellow "e" i can totally appreciate them!

Jennifer said...

What a cute idea with the letter theme! I'm sure you guys will have fun thinking of new swaps!

Jess said...

Elizabeth, just wanted to stop by and say "Thanks!" for the super cute Year of the dog postcard. Arf arf! Happy New Year to you too...

April said...

that phone is FUNNY.
take that time off for yourself. i, personally, am a huge fan of taking time off of work. LOL!
love the e's too...such a good idea!