Sunday, February 19, 2006


first, i've updated my links. not all of them of course. who has the time to list every link they have in their bloglines?? certainly not me, but here is a start of all the blogs that i visit on a regular/semi-regular basis. i have more to do, but not the time.

secondly, if anyone can tell me what movie my title came from, i'll send ya happy.

again, the line is "take a right, check it out".

clue: the person saying it (and the group he is in) are on motor bikes. what they are "checking out" is down on the beach.

we have a winner folks! jennifer was right. a lil happy will make its way to your house shortly. now i have to know, are you just a huge karate kid fan or did you do some research on it.

"johnny, take a right, check it out".


shim + sons said...

Ooh...feel so honored to be linked to your site! Not sure about the movie though...

vicci said...

This is just a guess..."Easy Rider"

Jennifer said...

That would be The Karate Kid, Daniel-san.

Jennifer said...

Admittedly, it sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite place it, so I had to look it up. BUT, I instantly got the nostalgia voice (Oh yeah - The Karate Kid!) and told my hubby that that was the next movie we were going to order. Fun idea!