Monday, February 20, 2006


whewww....i got all the swapees their information. just to make sure that everyone is on the same page, here's the deal:

*the person you have is different then the one who has you (see below).

*you have till march 1st to get your package in the mail.

*i'm not going to set a price limit. we have a great buncha girls in this swap and i think everyone is going to get a wonderful array of goodies.

*here's the order of the swappees...please visit each other's blogs and get to know one another.

becky sends to
vicci who sends to
amy who sends to
elizabeth (aka me) who sends to
jessica who sends to
deb who sends to
shanna who sends to
anna-maria who sends to
chrissie who sends to
barb who sends to
amanda who sends to becky up at the top.

if you haven't received your swapees information, please send me and email and let me know.

okay vixens, happy thriftin'


vintage lilac said...
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vintage lilac said...

That was me. I answered my own question. Sorry!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I like how you posted the who sends to who deal.Cute! hope you gals have fun!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see what everyone gives/receives!