Monday, February 06, 2006


so i was LONG overdue in making another mickey mouse calendar for a girl i work with, so tonight was the night it was going to get finished. i have so many swaps i need to work on, i didn't want this to go on the back burner for a minute longer.

calendar came out cute and i hope paula likes it (waves hand wildly at paula).

i then decided that i needed a lil calendar for myself to keep track of all the swaps that i have been participating in, all the items that needed to be mailed out for good morning sunshine, and any other computer related activites that i may participate in.

thought this would be a good way to keep these items separate from other events, and might help me battle my unorganization.

here is what i came up with. a calendar just for me. what i love about these calendars is they are a 2 year calendar. so i get to enjoy the handmade goodness of it until 2008.

note: the lil card that you see underneath the eye lense says "today" in hebrew i believe (i could be completely wrong here).


V said...

I LOVE this girl!!! Love it!!

I'll comment on the rest of your posts tomorrow, I promise.

Jenn said...

amazing!! I love the colors.

Greta said...

Damn I am jealous...I sure would like a calendar..HMPH! (Folding arms and pouting)

pretendingsanity said...

very cute!

Jennifer said...

This is such a cute idea! I love that you personalize them for the recipient (even the most important recipient - yourself!)