Sunday, February 12, 2006


writing says:"baby when i think about you, i think about love. darlin' if i live without you i live without love-bad company"

writing says:"have i told you lately that i love you. have i told you there's no one else above you-rod stewart". now i can't stand rod stewart, but i have been singing these two verses to the kids since mikey was born and then bella since she was born. when mikey was little, he used to tell me "again" when i was done singing. we would do that for like ten minutes. i'm really thinking of creating an album where the pages are all inspired by song lyrics that i like. figured that may be a good way to use up every day pictures.

the writing on the side is the definition of "kiss" in different font styles. i really like how this page turned out.

notice how i am in every picture? i didn't even realize it until i put them all together. but thats okay b/c most of these pages are for my "about me" album and they have inspired more ideas.

i'll be back later with tidbits from my four day weekend :)


V said...

I love those layouts!!!! Every single one of them!! And your idea about an album with every layout including a song lyric is AWESOME!!!!


(I have another idea.....Seinfeld could work!)

shim + sons said...

Very cute layouts!

April said...

dang girl! mojo is were tearing it up!

these are amazing...awesome stuff, my friend.


my house is cuter than yours said...

oh elizabeth! these are so adorable! you are such a cutie! and you have a beautiful profile!

elizabeth said...

thanks! you guys are awesome. unfortunately, the mojo is beginning to fade, though i think this is only due to the fact that i have so many other things to do :)