Saturday, November 05, 2005


well, since 10:30 this morning, i have been making cards for the upcoming art n craft fair that i am going to participate in.

the past week i have been exhausted, so the only thing that i have been working on is scarves. so it feels really good to get these done. i don't exactly know how happy i am with all of them, but i got 64 done so far. i will prolly take a picture of each individual card (except for the scrabble letter cards) tomorrow.

i finally got the ordered that i placed last week with qvc.

isn't this ribbon delicious??? oh, i don't know i if will be able to use it. they all look so pretty in the white box. yum!!!

these are stickers that look like actual vintage hinges. they also came with title cards. i believe its a set of 196 altogether. i cannot wait to start using these hinges.

all of this will definately come in handy for when greta comes over next friday so we can scrapbook all day. its been quite some time since we have had an all day scrap-a-thon (and a long since i have scrapped at all). i am going to work on some albums for christmas gifts.


abbytrysagain said...

those stickers are amazing and that ribbon is just gorgeous!

Amanda said...

Okay I am seriously jealous here :P fun stuff!