Saturday, November 05, 2005


i almost forgot to mention my early christmas present!!! i've been wanting a new camera for quite some time, and new my hubby would be excellent at helping me pick a new one.

after much research on his part, he found all of this. isn't it just dreamy? i can't wait for it to arrive. and fortunately i don't have to wait until christmas to use it.

isn't my hubby the best?

i also almost forgot to mention the new and exciting thing i did this week.

i developed a picture from a negative in the hubby's dark room at work. you wanna talk about fun!!! i was a lil nervous about messing it up, but it came out pretty good (despite the fact that the chemicals were a lil old). so me and the hubby are going to buy us some new chemicals and of course we need to buy more paper. we went through almost a whole pack just playing around.

this has definately got us thinking about whether or not we want to put a dark room in the new house.

here is the picture that i developed. its mike's boss (who recently retired). this pic is circa late 70's very early 80's. i wish it would have came out better. i really wanted to frame it and give it to him as a present. however, due to the age of the chemicals, instead of black and white, the picture is actually a rose color and the image is not as dark as it should be. i still may give it to him. i think he would be pretty impressed that i developed it myself.

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