Sunday, November 13, 2005



us working hard

cheesin' for mike (actually we made mike take pictures of us. i mean, we both need to post about it right? this was right before greta was leaving, we almost forgot).

well i think i mentioned before that greta came over on friday and we got some scrapbooking done. i haven't scrapbooked since greta was on maternity leave with melana (melana is now 20 months

i got a good bit done, i think though i was too busy thinking about the things i need to get done for next saturday.

but we had loads of fun and i hope that we will do it again really, really soon (ya hear me greta? maybe we can get together thanksgiving weekend since we are off for four days and we only eat on the first day off ;)

here are the pages i did:
sorry for the bad picture was baaad!!

then on saturday, we got up and got and went to a birthday party. after the birthday party, we drove all over the place looking for some bags that i need for next saturday (i swear guys, eventually i will talking about "next saturday"). needless to say, i didn't find what i was looking for exactly. once we came home, i got busy working on the owl cards that i posted last night. then me and mike stayed up to 3-friggin'-o'clock in the morning watching some of the 2nd season of the l word while i worked on some felt flower pins.

ya'll don't even wanna know what time i was up this morning and after i got some coffee, fruit, and a veggie sausage sandwich, i sat down at the studio (aka dining room table) and hung out with ms. sewing machine.

this is what we came up with today

WHEW!!! so that was my weekend. now i am about ready to sit in front of the tv for desperate housewives and grey's anatomy (of course while i work on more felt flower pins (like the one sitting on the orange/green/yellow coin purse).

hope ya'll had a good weekend and i will keep you posted in the final details for "next saturday".


Greta said...

I hear ya girl...I say we do it..You know I don't like shopping the day after Thanksgiving so that sounds like a plan for 1 of the 4 days off.

Daph said...

Those are all gorgeous, the pages, the purses, the pictures, LOL! You are two talented ladies!

Amanda said...

Beautiful things you both made! Sounds like a great weekend!

elizabeth said...

thanks girly girls :)