Sunday, November 27, 2005


well today was greta's wreef (as she would call it) party.

it was SO MUCH FUN!!! i think we have decided that every holiday (mardi gras, valentine's day, easter, etc., etc.) we are going to have a lil party and make a wreath for it.

the food was yummy and the craftin' was in abundance. everyone's wreath was GORGEOUS!! i think we were all a lil surprised about how friggin' easy it was.

some of the yummies!!

the girls at work. left to right: jill, greta, and greta's mom.

say "wreeef!!!". left to right: jill, her lil boy tyler, greta, and greta's mom.

my wreath. a winter wonderland. the ornaments are handmade by me. filled with silver paper, white snowflakes, white glitter, and silver beads.

the goodie bag!!

the goodie: a yummy peppermint candle!

thanks again girl. i had a load of fun and cannot wait to do it again :)

luv ya!

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Greta said...

I am glad you had fun at my Wreef party..Hopefully I will be feeling good enough to do one in February for valentines and mardi gras...