Monday, November 28, 2005


i managed to squeeze in at the last minute for moki's handcarved stamp swap. many craft bloggers have been making their own stamps using kits and rubber erasers. i was so excited when i saw a post over at joy's b/c i really wanted to give this a go and this was the incentive i need to try yet another craft.

we needed to make a piece of stationary and an embellishment (i.e. ribbon, tag, etc) using our stamped image.

i went with the playing card theme (big surprise). these stamps were so easy to make. the last time that i went to michael's, i bought the rest of their stamps. now i used the gum ones which is prolly not a really good idea b/c of the fact that they are so crumbly. but they carve so easily. after my crafting freeze is over, i will prolly buy a kit online.

my carved stamps.

stationary, playing card tag, and envelope (which is stamped on the front).

some other stamps i have made. an "E", an "e", and a pair of dice.

*sorry for the poor picture quality. it was nite time :)

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Greta said...

those turned out good...I like it...