Saturday, November 26, 2005


i have just spent the past week recouping from the craft fair last saturday. its nice to come home and spend time with the it wasn't as successful as i would have liked, but that i think was due to the fact that i live in a very small town and most people were there for the cheap books at the book sale (including me...ha!).

i would show you some lovely pictures of my table, but the card that i used (hitachi 4 gb microdrive aka piece of shit) has decided that it is going to not work, not be recognized by any computer i have put it in, and cause me to try to find someone or some place that may be able to retrieve the 300+ pictures i already had on it. the only pictures that i regret not having are from the craft fair. most of all the other ones were test shots. so as soon as i find out if i can retrieve the pictures, the card goes back to the company and they can send me a card that is NOT a microdrive. sensitive pieces of shit.

thanksgiving was great. hope everyone had a wonderful time with their loved ones. we sure did. yummy food, overstuffed bellies, and i luv the 70's on vh1. ya can't beat that.

on friday, me and greta headed out to do some shopping. believe it or not, it was not that bad. i picked up even more crafting supplies. seriously. i do not need anything else.

i am officially putting myself on a crafty-shoppping-freeze! no more craft supply shopping for me.

me and mike spent all day today cleaning. him on his side of his closet (thank God) and me cleaning/organizing/throwing out my craft supplies. i took the craft table that i did have (complete with lil pen holders and compartments) and gave it to mikey to use for his legos and his craft supplies. i took the old, metal desk outta his room and put it in a corner of my room for my "studio" desk. i then took the tall bookshelf and put it in bella's room and took her small one to put next to my "studio" desk. i bought this great 64 compartment-drawer thingy to organize buttons and such. boy was that fun..but also time consuming. my bedroom is a complete mess. it literally looks like hobby lobby threw up in there. but it is becoming more organized and for that i can get much more done.

well, i didn't intend on writing this much, but it looks like i did. tomorrow is greta's wreath party and i promise to come home with pictures. i also need to post pictures of the wonderful goodies that sunni sent me.

so much to do, so little time :)

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Greta said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow...It's gonna be fun fun fun...

Peace out sista