Friday, November 18, 2005


well, i needed to run a couple of errands (i.e. bank and dollar general) so i thought i would swing by the library and get a head start on the book sale they are having and to ask about the size table i need to bring with me tomorrow. i got my answer and a whole pile of books. mostly children's books for the kiddos. there is one book though that i absolutely fell in love with (a lotta fallin' in love going on around here today eh?).

"the mysterious disappearance of leon (i mean noel)" by ellen raskin

would you look at those brilliant illustrations!!!! this book is filled with people made outta words. its the a word-y's (my own word for someone who loves words ;) dream. i can't wait to sit down and read the book and read all the words that make up all these lovely characters. are their word bodies filled with words that correspond to them? only the story?

oh i can't wait to find out.

oh, also while i was at the library, i saw my name in chalk where my table is going to go. at that moment did it feel like i was really doing this and that i got filled with excitement :)


Anonymous said...

hey my name is paula and i work for the city too at the public works office , greta said i should look at your place and i really love it , im gonna come to the library tomorrow and see your creations :) oh and i live in the country too . love it love it :) have a great day

Candice said...

We'll hafta check out that book!

pretendingsanity said...

hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Love ya!