Wednesday, November 02, 2005


the manna's 2005 halloween card
move mouse over card to see huh?

halloween started off with both the kiddos have parties at their classes (mikey at school and bella at daycare). i wish i would have been able to go, but i couldn't. i bet i missed some wonderful photo opportunities. they both acquired a ton of candy from these lil parties alone.

halloween evening, after i got off of work, i picked up the kiddos and headed over to mom's house to go trick or treating. we were all kind of wondering how many houses would participate and how many children would stop by. halloween was kinda cancelled in a sense by the local cities due to debris still on the side of roads and of course neighborhoods being completely demolished.

once we arrived at mom's, we at pizza, changed the kiddos into their costumes, and waited for daddy to arrive so we could hit the streets. the kids had so much fun walking from house to house. this was bella's first year to walk and did suprisingly well (until her basket got too heavy).

all and all, halloween was wonderful this year. the kids racked up on a ton of candy and loved dressing up in their costumes.

**i hope to have the rest of halloween 2005 pictures uploaded to flickr by the end of the week.

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