Thursday, November 10, 2005


okay, the craft fair is next saturday and I.AM.FREAKING.OUT!!!

i don't have near as much done as i think i should.

i have so many fears:

*what if i don't sell anything?
*what do i price everything?
*will it be too high? too low?
*do i need to make up business cards with information on it?
*is what i am selling going to be sold at another booth?
*do i set up and etsy store so i can put the information on the card in case someone wants to buy something at a later time?
*how am i going to package my cards?
*what about bags?
*i'm not a people person at all, how am i going to talk to these people? (thank God my mom will be there with me).

deeeeep breath

i need to chill.

what do i have to lose?

i think i'll be okay :)


Greta said...

GIRL STOP IT...You on my nerves with will do great...Do you need me there to be your people person? Love ya

two rabbits said...

Sending calming thoughs your way! It'll go great I bet and be so much fun. I have a goal to someday participate in a craft fair. Seems like it would be scary but so rewarding.

I emailed you about an idea for business cards. I think the etsy shop is a great idea. Lots of people will maybe want to buy stuff later or give your info to a friend. Card packaging could be in clear plastic sleeves with a paper top that you staple on to close the bag - do you know what I mean? Then you can print on the paper top too. Or just bundle them with ribbon/thread/raffia/colored wire or some such thing. Anyway I'm sure you'll figure out great ideas for everything. :)