Thursday, November 10, 2005


after a day at work of sitting around waiting for the day to end, i came home to a happy mailbox.

first i opened the package containing the beautiful postcards from hillary.

lemme just say that these cards are so much better in person. i don't wanna use em. thank goodness i have four of each design :)

my second pkg. was a silkscreened (i believe) owl from lisa. this owl is amazing. i am thinking that it is going to turn into a bag. however, i'm not sure yet. i may just frame it.

beautiful way it was wrapped

okay, now back to all the craftiness i need to do :)


twistedsoda said...

I love happy days at the mailbox! Glad yours was a good one! These days all I have been getting are bills...hehe

robin said...

i love the owl! and of course hillary's cards are priceless!

Candice said...

Those postcards are awesome! And good luck with your craft show, stay calm, you'll do great!