Monday, November 14, 2005


i just love when i wake up in the a.m. (very early a.m....5:03 + a press of the snooze button to be exact), have my morning coffee, get ready for work, and open the front door to this:

this was the beautiful view that i was graced with from my front porch. you know a day shouldn't go wrong when you start it off like this.

then once we got home and me and the kiddos got settled in and ate, me and mikey tackled his first homework project. mikey received tom the turkey in his usual get up (feathers and a red thing that hangs from his chin) and tom the turkey begged mikey to give him a disguise so those awful hunters wouldn't catch him and serve him up on a platter.

so mikey decided that he wanted to dress tom up like a soldier.

and that we did.

how tom was given to mikey (we added him to some festive thanksgiving scrapbooking paper).

mikey working on tom.

tom getting some shiny, black boots.

tom all dressed up like a soldier.

i definately think that tom doesn't have to worry about becoming a turkey sandwich this thanksgiving :)

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Candice said...

Gotta love the holiday artwork! I especially love the boots