Saturday, November 12, 2005


just a quick break from the studio (aka dining room table) to show you a couple of things that i am working on for next saturday.

owl pin cushions

owl cards

tomorrow i will spend the whole day with ms. sewing machine (and hopefully we will get along). i only have 7 days to get everything done that i need to get done and i'm not freakin' out as bad anymore (okay, so that's a lie, but at least i still feel a lil bit in control).

hopefully when i am done, i will take pictures of the rest of my cards, scarves, pins, pouches, etc. that i have made.

i also need to make my etsy shop. this of course is mostly a note to myself so i can remember.

my head is swimming right now with ideas and things i need to get done. i really need to wear a pen and notebook tied around my


Daph said...

I love the pincushions and the card, those are darling! Can't wait to see pics of the other stuff you whip up, I bet all your wares will sell like hotcakes. :D

Greta said...

I am putting my order in for a frog pin cushion...

Candice said...

I might hafta get one of those pin cushions off you if you have any left!

debbie said...

You have done a great job getting all of this together! Sometimes we work best under pressure (easy for me to say!) I bet you're going to have a great time. Looking forward to your etsy shop!

joy madison said...

I LOVE the owl cards!!!! SO CUTE!!!!

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone! the owl cards are my favorite thus far too! i really need to scan or take pictures of all the other cards (70+ mind you) so you gals (guys?) can see those too!!!