Sunday, November 27, 2005


i thought i would post just a couple of pictures from thanksgiving. funny thing is, i didn't get a pic of us eating, a pic of my mom and b.c., or a pic of the

i'm thankful for this marriage. i am thankful for this man who is my rock. the man who lifts my chin when i am down and helps me realize that all my dreams can be a reality if i just set my mind to it. a man who makes me a better woman. for this i am truly grateful!

i am thankful for this lil girl. this lil girl that has taught me so much about life. how precious it is. this lil girl who has taught me how wondeful it is to have a daughter and all the wonderful things we have to look forward to in the future. a lil girl who is still trying to teach me patience. a lil girl who i cannot get enough kisses from. for this i am truly grateful!!

i am thankful for this lil man. for this lil guy has taught me so much. who has taught me the meaning of motherhood. who has taught me to laugh and roll my eyes. who has also learned to roll his own eyes from this. a lil guy who i see so much of myself in. a lil guy who loves to create and has an imagination larger than life. for this i am truly grateful!!

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