Thursday, November 03, 2005


the card picked for me...queen of wands

today, i finally had a tarot card reading. last summer, while we were in milwaukee, greta had her cards read by a very good friend of a co-worker (i won't mention how i cussed my girl out for doing it without me :) the stuff she told greta was right on. and i mean this was stuff that this lady could not have known.

so for over a year now, i have been trying to get my cards read and today was the day. the stuff that was said to me after a simple introduction was mind boggling. things were said that put my mind to ease. normally the reading is taped, but due to the storm, she had lost pretty much everything and didn't have her recorder. i was able to right things down which i did.

during the reading, i asked her how she started reading cards. i mentioned that i had a deck, but never used them due to not understanding. she recommended a book to read and to start sleeping with my cards under my pillow. i don't know exactly what mike would think about this.

i know there are sceptics out there (waves hands wildly at non-believing husband), but really, this was amazing.

i would definately do it again (but by her only).

here is what is said about the queen of wands:

A lady of the manor either living in or loving the country. A very generous, capable and fair person especially in her dealings with people. A woman who is both fertile in mind and body and a homemaker. She enjoys social ease due to her charm and is protective towards those in her circle. The card may also indicate the success of a project.

yes, i live in the country
yes, i am generous (if i do say so myself)
yes, i am fertile in mind
yes, i am very much a homemaker
yes, i am protective of my circle of friends

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Candice said...

Ha that sounds like you! COmpletion of a project? Try many projects!